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Dain writes about the world of business, both in fiction and in business books that document outstanding businesses (and sometimes cautionary tales). He is the author of The Downside of Up: A Comic Novel of Outrageus Fortune (Vernacular Books, 2014) and a co-author, with Drs. Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, of Nanovation: How a Little Car Can Teach the World to Think Big and Act Bold , a case study of how global companies create disruptive innovation through radically low-cost products (Thomas Nelson, 2011). Dain Dunston spent 25 years as a communication strategist, speech writer and creative director for top executives in Fortune 500 companies, before which he served variously as a marketing executive, a real estate sales person, a restaurateur, a yogi and a bodyguard for a short list of notable executives and celebrities, including, for one unforgettable evening, Jerry Garcia.

In addition to his corporate speech writing, he wrote one-man shows for Pat Oliphant, Dick Cavett, Patrick Stewart, Tommy Lee Jones and John Travolta. He studied writing with Horton Foote, Romulus Linney, John Casey and Marie Myung-Ok Lee. His play, The Red Guide, received the Live Oak Prize for Best New American Play of 1996.

Dain lives with his wife Jean in the hills outside of Austin, Texas. The Downside of Up is his first novel. His second one is well on the way, as is a new business book.