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Member from Texas 

Born and raised in east Texas, Elizabeth Geeslin graduated from Corrigan-Camden high school in 2002. She currently works as ghostwriter, publisher and editor in Houston, where she lives with her family. She has ghostwritten both fiction and non-fiction, personal memoirs and has developmentally edited a number of works of fiction. The Dhakris: Awakening is her debut novel as a YA writer, and is the first of a series of three novels. Her expected release of her second novel in The Dhakris series is late October, 2018.

Heavily influenced by her upbringing in Corrigan, Elizabeth chose east Texas for the location of her fictional account in her book, noting that the beautiful and mysterious woods are a perfect background for a spooky story. Elizabeth earned a BA in Art History with a minor in Spanish from the University of Houston and a Master of Arts from Stephen F. Austin State University. Passionate about writing and reading, she wrote her first novel, The Dhakris: Awakening, after conceiving it from a culmination of stories, research and an innate desire to create a story that would make people curious about all things unknown. She is a promoter of literacy and encourages everyone to read, as she believes reading is the gateway to igniting the imagination and to continuous learning at any age.