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Member from Texas 

Galand Nuchols grew up on a small farm in Southern Illinois. Some of the settings in her stories can be found on that farm. Such is the case of the barn scene in "Grandpa's Way," the last story in the anthology Now Where Did That Come From?

From the same anthology, the home setting in the story "The Losing Place" was Ms. Nuchols' memory of the home she grew up in. A cousin named the farm the losing place because everyone seemed to be looking for something lost, all the time.

People, young and old, meeting difficult challenges in life are a constant source of material for this author. Kris is one of many children finding themselves in dangerous situations. Kris finds a way out but wonders if anyone will believe him.

Kris's grandma, one of the main characters in Dragons for Kris and Dragon Hatchling, was modeled after the aunt of a college roommate. The aunt was paralyzed from polio when she was about two years old. She was raised and educated on a ranch in Central Texas. As an adult she mastered an amazing number of skills including sewing, teaching, and managing a business.

Kris's grandma, like my roommates's aunt, is a force to be reckoned with as she manages the family trucking business as well as the family. A wheelchair did not stop the aunt nor does it stop Kris's grandma from becoming a ferocious dragon when the family is in danger.

Ms. Nuchols enjoys traveling and seeing new places and doing new things. Last year she went on a cruise, swam with dolphins in Jamaica, and visited a turtle farm on Grand Cayman. On a recent trip with her husband, she sat at a desk in a log school house where Sam Houston taught for two terms. She enjoys sailing with her daughter, Marie and son-inlaw, Pete.

Skyping with their son, his wife, and the precious granddaughter is a highlight of Galand and Tom's week. Being able to see them and share various projects over the internet is a real blessing for families living great distances apart


A recent trip to Peurto Vallarta, Mexico was an adventure she had looked forward to for several years. Pictures and souvenirs will bring back the thrilling days of that visit.

Storytelling is a recent adventure for this author. She shares her favorite stories in nursing homes, schools, and parties..