Member from Texas  

Joe Kilgore is the author of over 20 short stories published in magazines, creative journals, anthologies, and online literary magazines. His short stories have won praise as well as prizes from Los Angeles to New York.

He is also the author of four published novels. Each is different and distinct.

A Farmhouse In The Rain is a novel of war and peace, crime and punishment, love and loss, and eventually hope. It’s a sweeping saga of World War II with a murder mystery at its core.

Sin And Sombreros is about a San Diego private investigator caught up in hidden agendas, dysfunctional dynasties, Zapatista rebels, and all manner of mayhem south of the border.

The Blunder is a cautionary tale about an aging advertising man who goes on a phenomenal bender and lays waste to his career and life. It explores the idea that behind every smart man, a stupid one lies in wait.

The Golden Dancer is a rollicking adventure yarn set in the Canary Islands near the Costa del Sol in Spain. It’s about the hunt for hidden treasure and truth—with the latter proving more difficult to find than the former.

Prior to writing fiction, Joe was in the advertising business and created television and radio commercials and newspaper and magazine ads for some of the world’s largest corporations. He now lives in Lakeway, just west of Austin, with his wife Claudia, an accomplished artist.