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Member from Texas  

KT Banks lives near Dallas, TX with her husband, Kenny, their 3 sons Damian, Beau & Dylan and their two dogs, Maggie and Izzy.


 KT Stated; "I think I must be related to Bugs Bunny because I just can't resist messing with people, and the funny thing is, they never expect it from me. Once on April Fool's Day, I sent horse manure on a silver platter to an irritating man at work. He was mad at first, and then he thought it was funny. We got along better after that.


 I want to write books that people truly enjoy, and that I enjoy writing.


 My goal, my dream really, is for people to love what I write and how I write it. To love my characters as much as I do." And luckily, that is what has been happening.


 Her writing began with the series STAND AND PROTECT and also has upcoming individual books. Readers love the endearing charismatic characters and the interesting twists and turns the stories take.


 Some of the organizations she belongs to include, The Writer's Guild of America - West, The International Thriller Writers, The Author's Group of America, and The Writer's Guild of North Texas.


 KT loves networking with fans and readers, as well as other author's on social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Author's Den, and The Net Surf Cafe to name a few.


 She also writes articles for Kalon Women's Magazine, Hubpages, eZine and a blog for her interactive website - which includes book trailer video's, reader reviews, prizes and products and a member's only area.


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