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Member from Texas  

LaRee Bryant has authored seven historical novels, two how-to books, many articles, “doctored, edited or ghosted” dozens of other books for pleased clients, and recently launched her Poppy Green Mystery Series with the first two books – “Poppy Fever” and “Buttercup Blues” (both available in paperback and e-book). She’s well known for her editorial expertise and vast experience in teaching all phases of writing.

LaRee was born in Oklahoma. Her family moved to Texas when she was very young and Texas has been home ever since. An avid reader from the time she could hold a book, as a child she penned many stories – some with new characters and tales, some innocently based on favorite books and the beloved characters therein. In the early ‘80s she finally took the plunge, joined some writing groups and began an earnest pursuit of her long-held dream of becoming a published writer.

At an early conference LaRee met a New York editor and piqued the lady’s interest in the Texas-based historical novel she was working on. She had only one-third of the 654 page book finished and no agent at a time when full manuscripts and agent-representation were expected for submission. Much to LaRee’s surprise and joy, the partial manuscript did the trick and the book was purchased. A three-book contract followed, and then another.

LaRee soon created a number of continuing education classes which included everything from “The Business Side of Writing” to a full array of lessons on the creative elements of fiction writing. In her spare time she raised two children, established and headed an administrative services business for not-for-profit organizations, and taught Country and Western dance lessons to multi-hundreds of people in the North Texas area. She wrote and self-published an instruction book for the lessons that sold like hotcakes, created a dance lesson program for the local cable TV station which ran for a number of years, and scripted a set of LP-recorded lessons for a record producer that wound up being their biggest seller ever.

LaRee’s love of all things connected to the written word has never dimmed.