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 Member from Texas

A sixth-generation Texan, storytelling is in Pat Haddock’s blood. Those earlier, resilient generations provide stories worth repeating—some embellished with time, but more colorful for the effort. Her work often carries two underlying themes: First, life mirrors attitudes and actions, shaping what boomerangs back. Hence, a positive outlook and generous actions yield a rich life. Second, nobody gets out of this life alive, so have fun muddling through it. With a dual writing personality, she can dish out punishment for wrongdoing in one piece, and frolic through another, as evidenced by published short stories in Dallas Writers Journal and Texas Writers Journal.

She and Cody, a Yorkie-Poo house dog live north of Dallas. Cody is nothing like Petey Pup, one of my early rescues. Dear Aunt Peggy, Emails from Petey Pup is written as if by Petey, a Lhasa mix, in his vernacular. This little rascal tells of his escapades in emails to my sister, Peggy.

A second book, Amelia’s Gift, is for YA girls, or even mature women who wish to reminisce. It’s set in the 1950’s and is somewhat modeled after my experiences in that timeframe. Amelia works through failures and successes as she challenges the norm to save a beloved movie theater from demolition


Pat, now retired, juggles three new novels that are underway. Meantime, she participates with Writers Guild of Texas and the associated critique group, enjoys membership in Northeast Texas Writers Organization, and the Association of Texas Authors. She indulges in fun with the lovely ladies belonging to two chapters of The Red Hat Society. In her quiet times, she reads, enjoys knitting and crocheting, and she loves to cook and concoct new recipes. On winter weekends, she will be on a sofa glued to a Dallas Cowboys game, win or lose. For more active moments, she enjoys traveling, camping and fishing with her family.